Gym guidelines

In Point Blank we try to maintain an informal atmosphere and we believe that this is one of the things that differentiates us from the more ‘traditional’ martial arts. This informality is one of the most attractive features of what we do, however there are still certain matters of etiquette that are important. While we are not generally big on hard and fast rules (though if you step on the mats with shoes on be prepared to face Tim’s wrath), here are some guidelines that everybody training should try to follow:

There is one coach per class, let him do the coaching
No back seat coaching. If you are training in a class then you should not be shouting across the mats to somebody else offering advice. If you have never seen this guy in training then chances are that you are that guy. We have numerous coaches in Point Blank, they should all be shown equal respect and be left do their job.

Stick to the technique being shown
If the coach is teaching a particular technique then do not deviate or improvise. Drill the move until the coach advises otherwise. Don’t do the technique a few times and then start chatting to your training partner. You can never drill a technique too many times. Don’t be the guy that does the technique and then adds on two or three other ones after it. You can be pretty much guaranteed that the person that does this will not actually be much good at the first technique.


Don’t talk when the coach is talking
As a general rule try to keep talk to a minimum during training; save the chats until afterwards. This is especially true is the person coaching the class is talking. If you arrive in to the gym while another class is going on then of course you can talk to someone else there but don’t disturb the class. Coaches should never have to shout over others.

Be a good training partner, train smart
Roll at a level suitable for the person you are training with. We all come to training to learn and improve, try to roll at an intensity that allows both people can get something from the roll. It’s not a good use of your time to stick to your A-game against a newbie, nor is there any point out-muscling somebody a lot smaller than you. Don’t worry about trying to ‘win’ every round, try to use ever round to help you, and your partner, improve.

Respect the tap
All of the submissions used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can cause serious bodily harm but there is no reason they can’t be trained every day without people ever getting hurt. Do not crank on submissions, if you can’t do the move in a controlled manner then do not attempt it. If your training partner taps, release him immediately and safely. If, on the other hand, you find yourself in a submission then do not spaz out or try some crazy escape. Tap out, learn from it and move on. If you are not getting tapped then you are not learning.

Be on time
Classes in Point Blank start on time and finish on time. Try to arrive early so that you are changed and ready to go before the start of the session. Don’t be the guy that arrives just as training starts and then hangs out in the locker room to avoid the warm-up. The rest of us make fun of that guy!

Follow the hygiene guidelines that are described here

Have the right gear
You don’t need to have a lot of equipment to train in MMA or BJJ so please try to have the correct gear to train with. If you are moving up from the beginners class to the BJJ one then don’t worry if you won’t have a gi for a few classes but try to get one when you can. They can be ordered from the office or gotten online.

There will be no abusive language, attitude or behaviors of any kind
And just because you think something is hilarious doesn’t mean that everyone else will.

Always come to class “Ready to Train!”
Work hard and be encouraging to your fellow training partners.

Watch out for other people when rolling and sparring
It is up to you to watch out for others when you are sparring. If two sets of training partners collide or move close enough to collide then the pair who were in the space first should get priority and the other pair should move to elsewhere on the mats.

If you need to leave training early then please inform the coach
If you need to leave training a little early because your lift is waiting or you have a hot date or whatever the reason may be then no problem, just let the coach know. Leaving the class early because you are tired and feeling lazy is not a valid reason and should not be done.

Classes end with a handshake to the coach and everyone.
If it is the first time meeting someone that you are training with, introduce yourself!


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