We pride ourselves in having a clean and tidy gym. It’s nice to have some place nice to train after all! The mats are cleaned and disinfected regularly but it’s up to everybody to keep the place clean and safe.

If you don’t take the proper steps in ensuring that you have good hygiene then you will be putting yourself, and your training partners at risk of skin rashes and diseases such as ringworm, MRSA, staph infection, impetigo etc.

Staying healthy and free from infections is not difficult once you have established the proper practices. Keep these things in mind and enjoy your training!

No shoes on the mat, no bare feet off it
Do not walk on the mat with anything except bare feet. This also means do not walk off the mats bare foot.  Bare feet belong on the mats or in your shoes.  Nowhere else. You should have a pair of flip flops or scandals with you to wear when you step off the mat. You can leave them in the gym if you like or keep them in your gear bag.

Wash your training attire after EVERY class
Training wear should only ever be worn once before it is washed. This includes your gi! Training BJJ multiple times a week? Make sure you own a few gis so you have a fresh one to wear for every class. Sweaty clothing is a breeding ground for bacteria, don’t be that guy. Nobody likes that guy!

Make sure ALL of your equipment is clean
That includes gloves, shinguards etc. Don’t leave sweaty gear fester in your bag before the next session.

Cut your nails
Nobody ever thinks that they are responsible but long toe and finger tails can cause nasty cuts. Please keep them trimmed.

Stay home if you’re sick
Don’t train if you are sick or have any kind of open wound or infection that could be transmitted to your partners. We love our training partners. We don’t love your flu virus or your skin infection. Please stay home and we’ll be happy to see you when you get back.

Bandage any cuts or breaks in your skin
Breaks in the skin make you susceptible to infection and bleeding on the mats or your training partners creates an unsafe environment for everyone. This includes warts, scrapes, and minor cuts.

If you suspect that you have a skin infection, don’t train!

 Wipe up any blood from the mat immediately
Use paper towels for blood or sweat on the mat and dispose. Do not use your own personal towel.

Remove any jewelry before rolling

If you sweat profusely, have a towel nearby to clean the mat
This is really to show courtesy for your fellow grapplers.

Consider a rash guard underneath the gi
Nifty Point Blank ones are available for purchase in the office!