Beginners Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes run all year-round. Classes run Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm.

These classes are tailored for absolute beginners so no previous experience is needed. Classes cover the fundamentals of MMA, focusing on grappling, wrestling and kickboxing. Getting motivated to get back on a tread-mill or exercise bike can be difficult and training in the gym can be tedious; our classes give you the chance to get fit while learning new skills, meeting some new people and, most importantly, having fun. Going training is never a chore when you find a sport that you like doing.

The beginners classes are one of the best ways of getting started in MMA whether your interest is in competition, fitness, weight loss or if you just want to do something fun. Here are some of the benefits of training in MMA and BJJ –

·        It will help you lose weight, get fit and improve your functional strength

·       You will learn real techniques and skills which might help you protect yourself and your family if the situation ever arises

·         The techniques work for everybody, not just for those big and strong. This is the real strength of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

·         It is an exciting and fun activity and is great for relieving stress

“Training at Point Blank has been great for my fitness, my confidence and my waistline! As a girl I was apprehensive about taking up MMA but Tim and the guys have created a fun, friendly and welcoming environment. I’ve lost weight, become the fittest I’ve been in my life, made new friends and developed a nasty left hook! I’d recommend Point Blank to anyone interested in training MMA or BJJ or just looking for an interesting way to keep fit.” – Liadain O’Driscoll

We have a great coaching staff with real fight experience in the cage and on the mat. Whether you just want to get fitter and learn a new sport, or whether you have ambitions of one day competing in MMA or BJJ, there is a place for you in Point Blank. We have a friendly, welcoming, team atmosphere that is suitable for the raw beginner.

For more information on how to book a spot in these classes contact Tim on 087-6962819 or